We will come back stronger than ever

“We will come back stronger than ever”
“We will come back stronger than ever”

Why doesn’t someone do something about this terrible tragedy and its ongoing onslaught. At times, I have to shake my head and wonder how this can be happening in the year 2022.

We activate this inner eye of understanding with gratitude. Gratitude opens the funnel of life and unleashes the creative process in each one of us. For some, it has been dormant for many years. We fail to appreciate all the gifts that have been given to us unconditionally.



Certified Corporate Trainer, Educator, Business Consultant, Author & Entrepreneur.

Franco Cianflone is a graduate of the internationally acclaimed Bill Gove Speech Workshop with a Corporate Speaker designation. His extensive corporate training includes Bob Proctor, Paul Martinelli, and training seminars/sessions with Steve Siebold, John Maxwell, Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen, and many others. He is the author of sixteen books to date and co-founder of Mini Bytes For The Brain.

Fifty years of Education and Business leadership compliments his mission to transform and catapult the results of individuals everywhere on the globe as far as Australia. His life mantra is, “Others will be looking at the fire while you are walking through the fire towards your victory and success”.



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